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鈴木正文『GQ JAPAN』編集長






鯛 知子

CondeNast Japan Vogue & GQ






天然スキンケアブランド”DAMDAM” 創業者

president TFC Japan




Totally…beautiful poetic feel to the images and the stories…well done!

Max Vadukul photographer




The book is so incredibly beautiful. 

The pictures are wonderful—they really give a sense for the vanishing parts of Hong Kong and the texts are very heartfelt. 

I’ve actually never been to Hong Kong, but the book makes me feel like I have now. 

Jeremy Liebman photographer




A treasure of a book from cover to cover. 

The images profound and heartfelt.

Like time standing still, powerful and moving.

Bravo!The words to accompany the images equally moving In depicting a tragically vanishing culture.


Ruben Toledo artist, illustrator, filmmaker

Isabel Toledo fashion  historian Author, Designer




I was very impressed with the poetry and precision of the choices. 

The photos are stunning and the intensity of the book only heightens as the pages turn.  

David Thomas SOLUTION -conceptual and interior designer




It’s the Hong Kong I also remember through my long photo-walks in the city.

Great photos that for me capture the memory but also the essence of the city.

Thanos Zakopoulos CTRLZAK creative and interior designer



These powerful photos make me want to book a ticket to Hong Kong to see for myself these disappearing neighborhoods. 

Beyond Hong Kong, the book inspires us to notice places others might have overlooked or that may disappear soon. 

This book is a reminder to find and create humanity in daily life. 

Mike Abelson -product and interior  designer, president Postalco




As China opens a new chapter in the history of the world, Hong Kong too submits itself to housecleaning. Where time always seemed absent in the tiniest corners of daily life, it suddenly must be measured. But withering gold on wooden signboards can't keep up, nor do cracked turquoise tiles, salty chickens under flickering neon tubes and vermilion paint peeling off storefront gates. Hong Kong – this sentimental and wistful outpost of our imagination darkens fast in the shadow of skyscrapers. With photographs and empathy Naoko Inagaki Krell captured the remnants of a fading way of life, gives our imagination a book to hold on to.

Roland Hagenberg writer, artist

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